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Re: Twilight Zone crap.
« on: May 11, 2019, 07:45:45 am »

 ďThis is big. The gold medal of stories this I have to spend a little time on this. This is critical. Jerry Nadler, Jerry Nadler competing with Adam Schiff to be the biggest problem in Congress,

 Nadler filing contempt charges against attorney general bill Barr for not producing a report, tucker, that you and I can get on our iPhones right now.

 You can go ó did you know this may be breaking news. Youíre laughing but you can go to Amazon right now, or Barnes & noble or whatever you want to do and pick up a copy of the Mueller report that Jerry Nadler wants to file criminal charges against bill Barr for not producing. Are we living on peak stupid? O YEAH  ;) ;D

 Are you and I crazy or we are peak stupid? This one piece of the reaction that they want that bill Barr cannot produce because itís Congressí own law. Do you find it confusing? You can buy the Mueller report.

The redactions he wants he canít get because Congress created this law of the federal rule 16. Again, we are living in the dumbest of times. Iím have to do that. It reminds me of Billy do you remember the scene weíre all dumber for having heard that now. 
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