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Re: to make you laugh
« Reply #30 on: November 06, 2017, 11:04:23 am »
Fake news portrays Trump as uncivilized when he was following the lead of Japanese Prime Minister
Paul Joseph Watson | - NOVEMBER 6, 2017

 Trump was merely mimicking the actions of his host. ;)

  lol too funny if it wasn`t so terrible stupid

From having hissy fits over how Trump likes his steak cooked to how many scoops of ice cream Trump prefers,

the president can do literally nothing without getting harangued over it by an army of screeching, hysterical morons.

They will even go to the length of inventing brazenly fake news, such as the false claim that Trump ignored a young boy in a wheelchair, to smear the president.
Whatever Trump says or does, not matter how mundane or inconsequential, is spun into a giant witch hunt and used to demonize him as either weird, unsophisticated or heartless.

While Trump is by no means perfect in his behavior or actions correction dear infowars ;this man is so decent to that awful globalists he deserves  a big price for that,i certainly couldtn`t do that   

, this demented and insatiable desire to constantly drag him down for every minor infraction underscores why Trump is at war with the media.   [/color]

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