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« on: August 15, 2018, 05:11:47 pm »
messages from Sam

Sam=god in hebrew  language

Reversals told me ; the sam er ist  vom liebe[ =German language meaning ; he is of love] ``

 Neo glimmer calls god name ; Sam  :-*

Fw; it is good to listen to the encoded music of Sam? I do not believe it so tell me what it is like

R; `` father[=Source/God] goes for vows does not make people follow that``
make sense to me bc Source is love and doesn`t want to hurt people,like nathan did with his Sammusic; on the  bias and on the fence hang out link.
don`t believe everything that Nathan says but the music when you ask the questions yourself is ok i think

so i dont know i think a little bit of both;
Lisa wasn`t so wrong
and the music that you get when you ask a question for Sam is very amazing

you can use this link for that

i was a bit afraid that this music could be not good for us thats why i doubted to post this topics

Neo glimmer says this too and his codes worked very very strong for me  Neo also said that the music that Sam gives to  you is coded [good for you]
so i dare to believe this a bit
my reversals sometimes challenge me
that is so true ,i don`t get rest until i know what is the truth
their kind of way to make me alert ,i think

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Re: Sam
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2018, 05:45:07 pm »
i asked Sam if he wanted something to say to me

i didn`t understand it so i asked for another song to make it clear to me and Sam gave this music

lol  what does Sam mean ..? are the lyin eyes from Nathan or lola/leeloo from Lisa

or or or ... is leeloo a man [like lola in that song]  could Lola/Leeloo be Dad  hahaha that would be too funny  :D??

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