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Re: Romana
« Reply #30 on: October 20, 2021, 07:31:40 am »
as always take from this what resonate with you...

i give her the benefit of the doubt [although it sounds to good to be true ] ...  b.c  since that dna-x  thing has been activated i sleep  good [i hope that it stays ]
and need lesser weed to stay stable [medical thing]


No one here in the 10D world will lower their energies down to 3D. 
There's a massive learning curve from 3D to 10D...

And, it's your responsibilities to raise your energetic vibration to fit into the 10D vibrations and time-line.
Oh for the love of Carrots 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕

I set the Kingdom of Canada to 10D and thus birthed Earth 10D.

It means, I must have come from higher dimensions beyond 10D ☝️🙏  [ my words ; could be the case if dimensions are a real thing ... ?]
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