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Re: Romana
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2021, 12:59:26 pm »
the fuitcake queen for your daily laugh  ;D  ;

Who invented toilet paper, TP?

Who said that you are clean after doing the number 2 business and using dry thin paper to clean up?  Instead of using water and soap?

So...Guess what?  You've been walking around with number 2...all day long everyday 🤭😂

Well, can you imagine being  Queen of  38+ million Canadians walking around with number 2, all day everyday?

So, ofcourse, I will tackle the TP, matter. 🤣😂

[no doubt in my mind that the fruitcake  queen was   larting  when she said this   lart is a.k.a the laughing fart
larting is  the act of laughing so hard that one farts  ]
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