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Re: Romana
« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2021, 07:04:41 am »
according to dna-x ;

IF you used to stay up all night and now you are sleepy at 8pm or 9 pm...
That's DNA-X, recalibrating your biological clock...

DNA-X, is recalibrating your entire system even IF you have not noticed anything changing.
It is happening...depending on what foreign chemicals you've ingested all these years... it is doing its work.

Even your habits and hobbies will change including choice in food and drinks...

And yes, DNA-X , will make even the manly men will cry like their pregnant wife...😂🤣
Yes DNA-X, gets to the root of all hidden or forgotten childhood/Adulthood trauma and brings it all out...
It will happen out of nowhere even as simple as watching movies you will cry depending on what needs healing.