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Re: Romana
« on: October 05, 2021, 08:25:02 pm »
my kind of girl that queen

  My Dear Fruitcakes,  please don't worry about how I take my Coffee when I arrive at your House/ Apartment.  I will make my own Coffee - that will appease my Security Guards 🤣😂

  And, IF there's Bakery near your House / Apartment- I'll bring you some Fruitcake(s) 😂🤣

By the way, I can see thru Walls. I can see IF anyone's hiding under your Bed. 🤣😂

 Do I dance 💃?  Yes. I can cut a rug.

I said, God, let's negotiate...
Please, put there that I have Natural Talents for Dancing. 😁

You think I would have agreed to my spiritual contract work for Earth without knowing how to Dance?  😂🤣