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Re: reversals
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Fw ;

This reversal is protected against interference

Reversal ;

`` lose so fast, the sun is the dragons[=reps./kabal] chess  we kiss``   sounds like the sun put the dragons in checkmated ;)

checkmated;an act or instance of maneuvering the opponent's king into a check from which it cannot escape, thus bringing the game to a victorious conclusion. the position of the pieces when a king is checkmated.

`` help poppy`` made me think of this song;
[help=Martin talking]
Chanson d'amour

Fauré (1883)

J'aime tes yeux, j'aime ton front,   
O ma rebelle, ô ma farouche.   
J'aime tes yeux, j'aime ta bouche,   
Où mes baisers s'épuiseront.   

J'aime ta voix, j'aime l'étrange
Grâce de tout ce que tu dis,   
O ma rebelle, ô mon cher ange,   
Mon enfer et mon paradis!   

J'aime tout ce qui te fait belle,   
De tes pieds jusqu'à tes cheveux,   
O toi vers qui monte mes vœux,   
O ma farouche, ô ma rebelle!
Armand Silvestre

`rest haha rest says seven [= source / god] ``
`` Father says, in our new ship`` the Earth is sometimes called a ship

`` woman roses the luciphans [= kabal] sleep ``
`` Your father sees key can delete ``
`` say shift phase``
`` on the luciphans is an smell[dutch saying; there is a smell on it(= it's not right, not good)
`` and the chief described them in his beep``
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