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Re: reversals
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Fw ;

Reversal ;

`` o my goodness [; said in a joyful way]
  key maker broken ``[The Keymaker  was a program created to open up the door to the Source for The One] doesn`t matter b.c we have the key ;)

`` in the one [=source/dad]run weeks

  hup hup hup[; hardware - A hub, like a switch, is a device in a network infrastructure.  One can think of the hub in a bicycle wheel, the center of the spokes. In a computer network, a hub is the center of the connected computer

a hub sounds like dad

``luciphan[=kabal], processing his[=source/god] light
`` the people see a dad's wages``
``See the circle next to the mantle ``

`` help[=Martin is talking] are happy, father laughs ``

`` release fairies protect that key``
`` mother service``
`` delete havoc``

`` Father says people are coming home``
`` all the people are lucette of his last life ``
`` the sun gives earth reverse
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