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Re: reversals 1
« Reply #105 on: May 24, 2021, 01:58:52 pm »
[take from this reversal what resonate with you]

Reversal  ;

"indicate house as in elute [= remove (an adsorbed substance) by washing with a solvent] really not cold hous together" 
[my 2 cents removing the virus of this matrix]

"help[=Martin is talking] they[=mom and dad] kiss love the Earth"
"open say sister[=me] flowers flowers[=people]"

give open link[ = link /switch/ shackle ]  father is with her[=mom] her  flowers flowers flowers "
"start last beep" [= the 3 beeps that end this matrix ]

"say to linda bobby bobby  bob"[Bobby is a child from lucette and Gem ]

"we win the biggest  his  sipkis[=clay / σιπκής ]  with that sun"
father started we are going to win"

"kiss dance to reverser we sing from Elvis[=the one] that last beep will give"
"yes may finish it"

"that was his best father says give sheep[=people] them "

"my mother says  my darling my loop gets broken"

 [my 2 cents ;  father gives the last beep to finish this matrix /loops]

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