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Re: reversals 1
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[take from this reversal what resonate with you ]

Fw ;
Reversal ;

" write he starts  his father his switch his talking  to write"
"indicate first[=Atom/the one ] they are waiting that people for flora to notify"

"stars people we smile"
 "his[=Atom`s/the one his] light about  he knows  the seven"
"he makes your joy he gives"

"earth  we see pops with blue"
"they win saturday  run broken"  [my 2 cents ; date`s are always wrong  ::)  ]

"in your last life we bring break"
"is a hard life in rutsch[=slip/fall]"
"Savage  from the here on dream"

"the same  your father talks enough  his people are returning "
" long best for the latter" [ my 2 cents ; "the best is yet to come ]

"you may say release long life  the people  in the people universe" "
"we say seam looser  the entry is there"
"the just looser loose shift"
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