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Re: reversals 1
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Fw ;

Reversal ;

"gran believe mother"

"make one  ask to  with his[dad`s] star beam"

"offen[=open in german language] one [=Atom] don't laugh  say harbor/port[=Eden] "

" buses[=u.f.o `s] we see on the net  crack"

"to lucette  say  the chimp[=people]  we see up "

"people  woe wounds "[my 2 cents ,ascension symptoms ...]
" first the big elephant "[dutch phrase at the end of a story for children; "then an  big elephant with a long snout came and blew the story out]

"first lucette say; more star round"[my 2 cents ; would be nice if we saw more stars in the sky, and the alliance on Earth are called stars ...]

"believe with god"

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