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Re: reversals 1
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Reversal ;

" help [=Martin is talking] the east  requests"

"god can't sleep"

"father wants to talk "

"give father says; luciphan[=virus] we must give wans"
wans[= a nasty mosquito species, or a basket to separate the wheat from the chaf
[my 2 cents separate the bad virus from the better{if possible..} one`s]

"will give she[=mom] lives father brave/determined taken from her vieuw "

"help earth flowers[=people]  in the morning 2 November"

"father plof[=hits/thud]  the wheel"

"broken ashes"
[my 2 cents ; the wheel/ashes from this construct...]

"give people new year  lots of love best year of circle[=Earth]"


below a picture of a wants
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