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Re: reversals 1
« Reply #15 on: May 21, 2020, 12:00:51 pm »
[funny the virus is called beepciphan here instead of luciphan  ,singing like a bird ,beep 😉


Fw ; Leeloo Message July 2017   


Reversal ;

"last weeks with  peepciphan[= virus/kabal]"
"hell with serphan [=virus/kabal]weeks"

"beepciphan who knows them  started  help[=Martin is talking] father"
"last beepcihans  is the  new bringing "

"love is the last thing"

"last weeks  weeks we see granpa in his legs"
"father[=Atom] lucette has a nice sentence outside the sun"

"buoy buoy buoy  given "    [ A buoy : is for safely navigating waters,a lighthouse]

"break the people and then we dare the phase   naf naf   "
    [Naf Naf means 'fan the flame. ' The expression is used as an invitation for friends and family to gather and share a meal together]

"win the last  give father"

"stop lucette has kisses start believing lucette romani weeks  now a kiss"

"rome[=vatican] run rome rome and help the sun more"

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