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Re: reversals 1
« on: April 20, 2020, 11:25:19 am »
Fw ;
Reversal ;

"we come  bottom dream"

"people give people a price"
"sea [=the net around this matrix/construct]  the greatest  clear  in the sea"

"gem  sit like this  we win  we will win  people  froul forget" 

"he[=Atom/dad] has bound[=to control /fasten] the end time in people"

"win luciphan[=kabal/virus] away  man free"

"my wife wanted to  speech  on those snakes[=kabal/virus]"
"describe heroes"
"meno people  eve can benefit"

Meno is a Socratic dialogue  It appears to attempt to determine the definition of virtue, or arete, meaning virtue in general, rather than particular ...
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