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Re: lisa harrison
« Reply #60 on: March 20, 2022, 06:32:13 am »

Lisa ;We could get the water drain in Antartica afterall hahaha

reactions on telegram below ;
Erik Ericsson, [20-3-2022 01:20]
[In reply to Lisa M Harrison]
When I tell people that ice takes up more volume than water and if all the ice caps/glaciers melt then the sea levels would should theoretically  go down I usually get a blank stare/ sputtering blowout or the like However if you understand the Book of Enoch you know everything is perfectly regulated . by God.
Emse, [20-3-2022 04:04]
[In reply to Lisa M Harrison]
I was just thinking well it痴 rising up.. there will be a change in landscape there a new land. Then I see he is ref many volcanoes going off under the cap.  I have felt for quite some time there is a portal there among other things..
Victoria, [20-3-2022 04:29]
[In reply to Lisa M Harrison]
i saw that tonight and was so excited!  i've long felt antarctica is key to this place - the way in and out.  there was that earthquake on the eastern coastline a couple of weeks back.  tonight i wondered if that quake was removing weather machines underground used to keep the place frozen and people out and now - it's all melting like the wicked witch in wizard of oz.  GEORGE news said last year that The Beast is yet to come....when they said that i thought the invisible hidden enemy will be exposed and thought of antarctica.  what a way to wake up the rest!  lol  we'll see..........
Victoria, [20-3-2022 04:29]
[In reply to Emse]
yes - portal of some sort.  me too.  or something like the Truman Show - the ending.
VPXM, [20-3-2022 04:33]
[In reply to Victoria]
For me, it's something similar. Except it wasn't a dream, but perpetuating feeling. Most of the people I know, feel different, some feel like they're just soulless empty meat bodies (for luck of better words). This is most definitely not my place or a planet for that matter...  I'll just have to wait and see.
Lisa M Harrison Chat, [20-3-2022 04:49]
[In reply to Emse]

Home has made several references to the Antarctic, portal between here and other realms there and a base for negotiations
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