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Re: lisa harrison
« Reply #60 on: March 18, 2022, 08:00:41 am »
wasn`t the white dragon one of the last things before our exit .......

   Lisa M Harrison, [17-3-2022 17:24]
Just woke from a dream, first one in weeks I remember.....Sitting in a small boat in a beautiful, calm, clear bay/harbour....I am in a boat with I think 3 people, all strangers. My youngest daughter and husband are in different boats not far from me, we are close enoigh to be able to hear and talk to each other. It was a lovely feeling and environment....Then the feeling changes, almost ominous, knowing something has changed. We looked down into the water and there is a HUGE white Whale just gliding underneath us, we are awestruck. I then see that we are in more of a Channel, dead end in front of me with the docks/harbour and the whale is coming back towards us, she starts to surface and comes right up out of the water and is now flying towards us....I am unsure how long she will be able to stay in the air and wonder if she is going to come back down on top of us, everyone is a little freaked at this point, she manages to come down right in front of us and instead of creating havov, she is now much smaller, cartoon like, and we all swim to her, touch her, hug her, love her, all very happy...then I woke up. I woke with the knowing the white whale represented the White Dragon and she is approaching from above and below.