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Re: lisa harrison
« Reply #45 on: January 15, 2022, 06:18:50 am »
You can't make this **** up....I will share now because I just got the OK to do so...
Received energetically at 7:55 pm tonight (Sat) via a LMH Member in real time, this is the info:

Visual: A huge fist go down and a massive boom sound, saw immense energy go out in all directions, like a bomb. Tomorrow (Sunday Auastralia/Sat USA) is your first day of information, you will see the crack of light coming through, it is the pre curser to the first tsunami which is the tsunami of information.  You will know more in 3 days, at the end of your day (tomorrow) you may feel like it is not that big but within 3 days you will understand

Ripple effects everywhere, from different parts in this country, the world, Europe, could be triggered by trump speech, may feel like a nothing burger but it isnít, hairline fracture, light started to come out from, tsunami of information

Focus on tomorrow, lots of information via computers, Lots of chatter online

Earth is starting to shatter, the gatherings (protest, rallies, marches) are waves that are causing the first crack, cry of freedom and save the children, the innocents, energy of innocence