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Re: lisa harrison
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   Lisa on tele gram  [Lisa M Harrison];

  Lisa M Harrison, [6-1-2022 22:02]
in response to some responses and reactions to the audio I shared I will add this.

1. it is my understanding that what/who we refer to as ET's, Galactics etc are also part of this Matrix/Construct/Simulation (choose your term)....

2. That they were among the worst of the harvestors of Human energy.
3. That they were as ignorant as us to the true nature of the reality we are in

4. That 'we', as in 3D humans, were the first to figure out the nature of this place.
5. That they were removed from this reality in our linear time experience in 2018 (but who knows 'when' really time being what it is)

6. That any ET's/Galactics that remain are being of service  :-*
7. That 'home', plural really, are at times using those terms and images (impersonating I guess) because many hold positive beliefs about them and associate with them as family.

This is my current understanding and as always is open to change as more information comes to light. On the topic of no STO being would impose unwanted visions and knowledge I do disagree. I have had experiences and information that little 3D me would not consciously choose but in hindsight could see the benefit.   
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