Author Topic: Keith`s narrative and Alison`s narrative  (Read 1211 times)

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Re: Keith`s narrative and Alison`s narrative
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I AM keith, [29.10.21 12:44]
[In reply to I AM Alison]
The soul we have not seen for years lives on somewhere or is reborn here.  The host body & soulless being are perhaps poured to the pit.

[ my words ; yep so simple as that

I AM keith, [29.10.21 12:53]
I really have a clear cut example of all this.  My sister was born in 1976.  She was a great person & we had an amazing childhood together.  Just before she got married sometime around 2004-2006 something changed dramatically. She became a cold, competitive, uncaring, fake shell of her former self. Guess I'm now finding out she essentially died way back then.  It makes total sense to me now in this knowing.

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