Author Topic: Keith`s narrative and Alison`s narrative  (Read 1211 times)

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Re: Keith`s narrative
« on: July 29, 2021, 09:10:14 am »
Alison ;

Ivanka & hubby have been clones for some time now. If you compare older pics to more recent ones you'll notice. Take a look at the change in her facial/jaw structure.


Alison ;
Laura Trump was very obviously born a man. Not sure about Jr. being a chromer. I haven't seen a picture that convinces me 100%, but he definitely could be.


For sure Ivanka - sad really. Goes to show even members of his own family hit the treason floor - couldn’t have been easy. Trump is known for keeping enemies close though so perhaps the love was not entirely genuine.  Eric marrying a tranny maybe that was so they could infiltrate the elite group? If he was part of the problem he would be gone too.
I was hoping Don Jr is genuine, I actually like him.

I think Ivanka & Kushner were replaced but the two sons seemed legit to me up until the rapture [1-1-2021].  All this might mean is Ivanka was bad.  The DS / Satan got to her.
but do we really know .....
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