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Re: Keith`s narrative
« on: July 14, 2021, 02:36:27 pm »
the vax =fake

if they got the vax. and told you or advisted it than they were chromers [A-users ] who are in the pit  now ... the ones that  were replaced by  bots  01-01-2021

if they didn`t got the shot [ to make it easy  ::) ] they can be ; ,East-going     or chromer

  only the east-going ones  are real / no bots 


the alliance is pushing with CGI the narative that the vax is bad and  to make you detox  and take distance from your loved-ones that allready are gone west  or the pit   :'(    they are bots now.

the Alliance is so amazing that  everything is reversed;
the plastic  weapon to point at your  forehead to take your  temperature may decalcify your pineal
and the face diaper/mask contains hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) what a miracle drug!  It's a VAMPIRE KILLER and amazing for a Godly human's body.  They've been spraying it on us since at least March 2020. Notice it in our skies lately?
  It accelerated the devastating effects of adrenochrome withdrawal in 2020 while clearing our pineal glands and making us healthier in every way.  It even seems to have even reversed my vasectomy 🤣.  We believe it was contained on the swab for Covid19 tests, might be in the blue masks, & was in the flu shot. HCQ vs Adrenochrome and we all know God won!

Keith ;

"As previously mentioned I don't believe the vaccine exists.  Those that advised they recieved the shot were bots (AI) of adrenochromers who left us in 2020 or before.

 Gene's narrative purpose is to separate Godly people from these bots because:

➡️ They drain our energy.  This is know as 'bot drain'.
➡️ We should focus on coming to Christ at this crucial time.
➡️ We should focus on doing our inner work.
➡️ This is a softer way to let go of friends/fam that chose satan.
➡️ Encouraging detox methods for people who won't do this for themselves is a great idea. Pineal cleanse & toxicity from life on this prison-realm are necessary.

keith, [14.07.21 12:05]

Gene Decode was continuing his vaccine DISINFORMATION campaign yesterday[13-7-2021]  on Blessed2Teach.   and said;

➡️ "If you've had the shot you have less than 3 years to live.  Over 65% of Americans may be currently enjoying their last Summer"

➡️ "Anyone with bloodlines of Cain especially will die for sure."

➡️ "Detox methods like alfalfa baths can reverse the shot damage."

➡️ "If you're around someone who go the shot you will get sick & will need to detox asap"

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