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Re: for everybody
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Energy update  from Eric Raines

Energy update 12/27/17

Hold onto your hats :D

We are moving into the potential for massive physical shifts and changes. On the surface, the physical world is following the collective consciousness.

We do not agree to eat poisons in our food. We do not agree to breath poisons in our air. We do not agree to drink poisons in our water. We have spoken with the collective energy, and we are speaking with our energy and the system is being forced to bend to the will of the people.

We do not agree to be slaves. We do not agree to be in debt. We do not agree to scarcity. We have spoken with the collective energy, and the physical ramifications are moving faster and faster.

What has happened up until this point is a widening of the flow from the Christ-consciousness Source field to the potential of flash point induction. What once were waves of energy are now becoming streams of higher and higher levels of multidimensional resonance. There is becoming no more ebb and flow to adjust humanity into the new paradigm, but a steady stream of brilliance and slightly dimmer brilliance.

Focus on you. Forget about the latest intel, forget about "what is happening right now?!" and begin to bring yourself back into the body with the breath. Begin to focus on the deeper sensations that the micromovement throughout the body that the breath creates. Bypass the thinking mind and sink into the movement of the body....take the awareness into the bones, the muscles, the blood, the skin....

Allow each exhalation to become a deeper sense of relaxation as you focus on each point of tension and discomfort, feeling it relax, open and drain stagnancy on all levels. Emotional, mental, psychological, energetic and physical. Full spectrum release.

Be responsible with your thoughts. Be responsible with your emotions. Recognize that we are collectively stepping into a place of ultimate co-creation. Your thoughts, feelings and images will become real with almost immediate manifestation. What do you want to see in the world and in your life in 5 years? What are you going to do today to make sure that happens? What are you going to hold in your heart to make sure that happens? Life and abundance does not grow out of death and decay. Make sure your mindset fits your image of your future. Hold onto this like your best friend, a lover, a co-conspirator in all the shennanigans :D

Take it easy on yourself. Take some time out for yourself. Look yourself directly in the eyes and tell yourself, "I am sorry, please forgive me for all the damage I have put you through due to ignorance. Thank you for being you. I love you."

As humanity continues to break free on an economic, financial, industrial, environmental and energetic scale, expect the false world painted by the mainstream media to become much more terrifying.

The first month of 2018 is going to sweep the world with a new level of consciousness to most, an old friend to us. Contributionism societies have been flourishing theoretically for decades now, but the major difference is the call to action.

Families around the world have been feeling the pull to their own piece of Paradise, that they can co-create with like minded people around them in a space of love, safety and growth. The energy is calling for a mass dispersal from the cities into smaller village-like communities and this is going to light like a sun inside of those already feeling the call.

Soul families will begin connecting to create Spaces of Love, Tribes of Starseeds will emerge from these fertile grounds carrying the codes and knowledge needed to continue the Great Work.

This planet a thousand years from now is going to be the jewel of the universe. This is a Living Library, cataloging every plant, animal, species, frequency, resonance and energy in the entire universe, and WE are the custodians of this Paradise.

This is OUR planet. We stand here, unmoving and unafraid. We stand here, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand radiating what we want to see in the world. Love. Joy. Hope. Community. Peace.

We do not fight for peace, we see the world as it will be. And so it is.

From my heart to yours <3