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Re: for everybody
« Reply #60 on: April 02, 2019, 01:55:40 pm »
I felt a huge Plasmic Wave permeate the surface atmosphere yesterday.I did saw yesterday that the Sun was beaming color less beams ,maybe that were plasmic waves ...?

 My whole body was vibrating and my ears were itching and popping and I could hear the HU sound frequencies becoming amplified.
 I came home yesterday at 5pm and literally felt very drowsy to the point where I had to past out and woke up from a nap four hours later. Today, I wake up this morning and come outside and I see the skies Completely covered with 〰️ chemtrails.

 What these chemtrails do is aim at destroying the Ions in the atmosphere because plasma cannot exist without ions. The controllers have meters which detect where the most plasmic activity takes place in the earth's atmosphere and that's where they spray these chemtrails. Plasma is what stimulates DNA coding recalibration and this is the key to consciousness evolution. We are at the endgame now! Stay strong, they cannot stop this Interstellar Activation Cycle. As no-thing will overtake the Higher energy of Source, the new Earth-Unity Consciousness will prevail.

source Alex
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